Блог им. stela1691Types of Pipe Fitting

The list of different types of pipe fittings is as follows.

  •  Elbow
  •  Tee
  •  Reducer
  •  Plug and Cap
  •  Coupling
  •  Union
  •  Cross
  •  Swage Nipple
  •  Olets
  •  Stub Ends
  •  Adapter
  •  Valve

Guys, we learned about the pipe fitting’s names and images; now, let’s learn a little more about them.

1. Elbow

The elbow is usually used to change the direction of the flow of fluid between two pipes. It is usually attached to pipes (female threads) or welded. There are usually two types of elbows,

1.1. 90 ° Elbow

This is one of the most common fittings used to change direction. A 90° elbow can also be called “90 bands” or “90 EL“. It can be used to divert the flow in any direction. It can also be known as a quarter band. The 90 elbows are used in places where a major curve is needed.

This may be a requirement, affecting the flow rate and pressure inside the pipe. Like any piping system, the material under pressure hits the elbow and tends to move in the same direction. When it completes the resistance of the elbow wall, it needs to change direction at the expense of pressure. There are two types of 90 ° elbows.

 For More Information About Types of Plumbing Pipes:  https://plumbingadvice24.com/what-is-pipe-fittings-12-types-of-pipe-fittings/

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