spec reviewПо трассе Truvativ Sea Otter Classic вместе с командой Giant

Отличная фотосерия, опубликованная нашими коллегами с сайта Pinkbike,  и показывающая парней из команды Giant  на трассе Truvativ DH. 

Слева направо: Danny Hart, Duncan Riffle, Andrew Needling.

Hardest working kid on the track today.

First critique of the course. Post tombstone to tranny discussion.

Choose your own adventure. Race run you scrub. On a Wednesday Hart gets boosted.

Hart wanted more in this zone. We were done. He was not. Nasty whip.

Classic Sea Otter move. Session, hike, repeat.

Momentum Trail Concepts crew with some last minute moves

A gaggle of Giant riders.

Neethling and Riffle testing the double double out of the giagantic bermzilla.

Riding that train.

Working out the kinks. Riffle chats with the administration about course tweaks for the follow practice days.

Look close and check out the ink. Riffle spent some time under the needle this winter... Check the chest piece next time you see him.

Group shot. This is just the start of the season but only time will tell if this team has the heat. After last weekends sweep of the mens podium we're off to the races. Can anyone call the Sea Otter Classic Pro Mens podium?

Небольшой видос на тему:)

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